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Amy, Scott, Meredith & Will Darrah

Sharing a Love of the Arts, Music

The Darrah Family

The Darrah Family

Amy Tuten Darrah shares in her own words:
As a native Cincinnatian, the city’s outstanding arts community has always been a part of my life and I am well aware of how blessed we are to have such a tremendous variety of world-renowned and nationally acclaimed music, theater and art in our backyard.

Of all organizations, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Music Hall hold a special place in my life. As a child, I attended the Lollipops concerts and the symphony with my parents because they appreciated the music experience and wanted to share that with me. As an aspiring young trumpeter, I watched my role model, Marie Speziale, play with the CSO and knew that if she could play with a bunch of boys, so could I. As a teen, I had the opportunity to play with the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra and discovered how much city-wide talent surrounded me. And while engaged, Scott and I witnessed an impassioned cellist who left a lasting impression and fused our mutual love for the symphony. Today, the CSO is date night, family night and Daddy-daughter night.

As Scott and I raise Meredith and Will, we expose them to all types of music because we believe that it is music that makes our lives richer and music that becomes the decades-long soundtrack to our personal journey. Sitting in a packed house at Music Hall recently, waiting for a Lollipops concert to begin, I looked around and knew that these were not only my values, but ones that are shared by thousands. Children, regardless of background, gravitate and relate to music, and their parents sense and know the importance of it in their lives.

Our decision to join The Schippers Society as a family is our commitment to continue the legacy of my parents and teach our children ways in which to give back and understand what it means to pay it forward. We do this so that, like me, their children and everyone in Cincinnati can benefit from the amazing experience of this magnificent symphony orchestra. It is always inspiring, always passionate and marvelous in all ways.

From the board, staff and musicians of the CSO, thank you Amy, Scott, Meredith and Will!

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